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the futureproof data collector

When you have data, then you can make intelligence and new business on top. A building may have a swarm of small, cheap and specialized sensors. Some are only awake for seconds a day. It is not economical, maintainable or sustainable to fit every sensor with mobile sim-cards and larger batteries. Instead, a central data-collector (aka. hub), will gather data from all sensors and deliver it to the destinations. Sensors shall last for 10ths of years but the single data-collector may be replaced when new, cheaper and better connectivity has replaced old ones (SigFox is down, LTE-M is up). The COSESY MHub series brings the best of Danish IoT from Nabto, Toit and Cosesy to the developers of firmware. For a nerdy legal department, then NIS2 and GDPR is in control. 


  • Accessories supported out of the box: All existing Cosesy smart-home sensors, such as door sensor, keyfobs, motion sensors
  • Third party accessories supported: sensors in the range of 868MHz, Bluetooth and IP based products  (requires update in software, see further down below)


  • A cheap developer hub is available with only Ethernet, 868MHz and a lot of RAM
  • WiFi, Bluetooth and 868MHz radio are standards in all other MHub variants
  • The big developer hub, has additional connectivity which may not be relevant for price sensitive products. In addition to standard connections, then the developer hub has ethernet and “sim-card” (LTE-M, NB-IOT, 4G, 2G).
  • ESP32
  • SI4455 RF chip


  • Typical Cloud connections with this MHub: https, MQTT (could also be used for on-premises solutions, without cloud)
  • Typical sensor connections with this MHub: 868MHz (source code shows examples of how to control the RF chip)
  • Typical 3rd party connections: IP (LAN, Ethernet) or Bluetooth LE.

Data privacy and programming

  • Programming language: C, C++ or Toit
  • MHub Source code can be opened to European developers/customers
  • Over-the-air update with additional apps to support new RF sensors or run customer-specific integrations or add e.g. support for Matter (future Smart home protocols)
  • Data privacy and safety: total transparence (NIS2, GDPR) of all data exchange. European hardware manufacturer, European product development, European programming language (Toit), European software.