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100.000 sensors and devices online

We provide electronic sensors and software for monitoring buildings, equipment and environments. We are specialized in turn-key solutions with low cost sensors and European data privacy. It is our mission to speed up the use of IoT and bring the benefits of digitalization to our customers in a faster pace than yesterday. 

Cases from our projects


  • IoT projects

    From 2011 to now

    Cosesy has gained experience by enabling a wide range of products since 2011. Check the products to see how we can help you in IoT from A-Z. Our customers use our digital products to increase safety, security, health, automating, monitoring and for digitalization projects. 

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  • IoT Devices

    100.000 sensors and devices online

    Cosesy collects data with IoT sensors from buildings and equipment to reduce consumption and damages, increase safety and improve security. We supplement our customers with our experts, experience and toolbox used in 50+ products, 10 years of proven existence, and 100.000 online devices.

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  • Our services

    are available to our customers

    Our knowledge base is ideal for piloting ideas. Our competencies will bring products into operation and volume production. We add value with our assistance within any phase in digitalization and IoT projects.

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  • Our technology

    covers all you need in IoT

    Our customers can stay focused on their core business. They are not required to have developers, data analysts, distributors of products or supporters. We can empower solutions which brings a documented value. In addition, it will be producible, low cost, maintainable and supportable. COSESY has integrated all required skills into a common platform, serving as the safe foothold for all involved, no matter their individual focus.

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We find solutions

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IoT, data-driven, digitalization, intelligent, smart buildings, these are the words used to describe our work. Typical applications are cost reductions and sustainability improvements. COSESY has a unique toolbox to provide a fast and specific IoT solution. This toolbox contains 10 years of work from our contributions to more than 50 products and 100.000 online devices. It is made by a trained team, platforms, electronics, software, supply chain, artificial intelligence and experience. We contribute with ideas, tailoring, development, support and management in Denmark. End products are manufactured by our partners according to out specifications and quality control. COSESY does IoT from A to Z, alone or as an integrated team, no matter if a project is big or small.

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