Smart Buildings

Get inspired by the following list of projects  that can be realized with our IoT platform:

  • Monitoring multiple buildings to avoid damages
  • For service of physical devices installed on different locations. Use our existing production ready devices (moisture, pipe, temperature, doors etc.).  Customize our sensors for a pilot project before large scale production or use the platform to develop a brand new sensor. Just ask, we may already have an idea or even a sensor
  • Status reporting of the function of critical installations.
  • Inspections of productions, machines etc.
  • Surveillance of rooms or locations, where people stay or should not stay. Use our existing off-the-shelf sensors (door, window, motion, security) or adapt these to your specific purpose. 

A few selected references


HomeComm A full home security and alert product range for HomeComm. Click to see products


    Developed Cavius product online capability and mobile App. See CAVIUS product family here.


SmartAlarm  Using Cosesy as long term partner for IoT development. Have a look at SmartAlarm.


Others, B2B anonymous:

  • Turn-key connectivity and sensoring of equipment and facilites.
  • Online capabilities, apps and dashboards for other 3rd party manufactured products.
  • Several complete home security and alert products.
  • Support and service of IoT products, partly Cosesy electronics, partly 3rd party.
  • IoT electronics since 2011, still in service and still supported by us.