About Us

Dedicated to make a difference for our future

At COSESY we are specialized in applied IoT technology for data-driven solutions. Our technology is integrated into numerus of our business customers products and daily used by a large number of end-users. 

COSESY is a partner owned company founded in 2010. We have focus on the total process from development to operations of data driven solutions supporting sustainable and efficient operations of installations and products being used for smart buildings, facilities and smart homes.

With our solutions, we bring hardware online, making it accessible everywhere in user-friendly apps and dashboards. We continuously improve our platform adding new features, services and sensors and welcome good ideas from our partners. We take our partners seriously and strive to have long-lasting collaborations.


Cosesy's management have supplementing background and experience within New tech, engineering, R&D and management from leading tech companies such as Terma, Systematic, IBM, CSC Scandihealth and Brüel and Kjaer. 

We are all driven by curiosity and the desire to move forward and to create space for personal growth

Our core values are to be trustworthy, a high level of integrity and to deliver on our promises 

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René Winther

CEO and founding Partner

Dan Ulrich

CCO and Partner

Lene Winther

App development and founding partner

Andy Jensen

Backend software development and founding Partner

Anja Juhl Jensen

Chief Innovation Officer og Partner

Lars L. Skrydstrup


Jenny (Renqin) Zhang

Supply chain and sourcing manager

Company details


VAT/CVR number: 34897409 

Address: Viengevej 100, DK-8240 Risskov, Denmark